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Personal Injury: Know Your Rights

Automobile accidents, vicious dog attacks, negligence and carelessness can result in serious injury to you or a loved one. These things can cause you physical pain, the loss of the quality of life and living, and the ability to enjoy activities that you love. You deserve to be compensated when someone else's failure to pay attention or reckless and negligent behavior results in injury to you. Kevin Rush has recovered almost two million dollars in personal injury settlements to clients in his career.  In the past two years alone he has recovered almost a quarter of a million dollars in personal injury settlements for minors hurt by other people's negligence. There is nothing worse than being a parent and watching a son or a daughter suffer due to the careless acts of others, going through surgeries and hospitalizations, therapy and healing. As a parent you want to do something, and that something is to contact Kevin.
The first step in taking care of the situation is to take care of you! You need to ask questions, to find out your rights or the rights of a loved one. Calling Kevin can be the most important call of your life—literally. He provides a free consultation, will freely give his time and advice and will make sure you get the knowledge you need. And remember, if he does not recover an award for you, he takes nothing. As Kevin says, "No recovery, no fee. That's just me."
To be clear, he will not call you, as he has made a personal and professional decision not to be the "ambulance chasing" kind of attorney that is looking for the quick and easy settlement. This is your wife, your husband, your children or parents. He knows how important it is to be informed.
So call Kevin now and find out your rights.