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Criminal Law

Criminal Law
Experienced criminal lawyers are hard to come by. Many attorneys want to say they are experienced, but the difference is in jury trial experience and at what level. Any competent attorney can reduce a traffic ticket, but making successful arguments in front of juries is what hones an attorney’s craft and abilities and gains them the respect of the opposition. The greater the success, the better the outcomes, as the opponent knows your attorney is capable and prepared and will not be intimidated at the prospect of trying the case. That results in successful and acceptable resolutions without the need of trial, resolutions inexperienced attorneys do not get. 
For 28 years, Kevin Rush has been trying cases such as:
  • Murder
  • Assault with Intent to Murder
  • Armed Robbery
  • Criminal Sexual Conduct
  • Drunk Driving
  • Bank Robbery
  • Home Invasion
  • Domestic Violence
  • Drug cases
Indeed, there is very little he has not done. As he has frequently said, when a person’s life and their liberty is in your hands, mistakes are not acceptable. Kevin has never been found ineffective as a counsel by any reviewing court or bar, because he prepares
A driver's license "should be treated like gold in your pocket," Kevin often says, and the loss of a license due to alcohol, drugs or improper driving can be devastating. Jobs, job promotions and family opportunities can be lost. Hearings before the Secretary of State requesting the return of a license are required and the burden of proof is on the driver. Kevin has better than a 90% success rate in getting licenses back for eligible drivers. As Kevin says, "I would never suggest to anyone to go to a hearing without an attorney who knows what they are doing, you get one hearing a year. Better make it worth it."
The proof in Kevin's quality of representation is in these recent results:
  • People of the State of Michigan v Cameron Dixon (2018), case number 18-042728-FH: jury trial on criminal sexual conduct second degree: NOT GUILTY!
  • People of the State of Michigan v Bradford Johnson (2018), case number 16-040024-FC. Jury trial 3/21/2018:  NOT GUILTY of assault with intent to murder!
  • People of the State of Michigan v Damien Russell (2010), case number 10-027566-FC: three counts of armed robbery---not guilty!
  • People of the State of Michigan v Arzell Little (2011), case number  11-029960-FC:  assault with intent to murder---not guilty!
  • People of the State of Michigan v McKinley Burns (juvenile 2010), unarmed robbery---not guilty!
  • People of the State of Michigan v Jeremiah Jamerson (2010), case number 10-027283-FC: armed robbery, home invasion first degree, felony  firearm---not guilty!
  • People of the State of Michigan v Venias Beard (2011), case number 11-028956-FC: carjacking---not guilty!
Don’t guess. Get success. Get Kevin working for you!